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So here we go…

January 23, 2019

So this is our first entry, we and we so should’ve started long ago. However, ya’ll understand, life happens, holidays happen, and shit down right happens. Get ready to hear our stories about life, love, family, hopes, & dreams, add a dose of depression, a cup of anxiety, a big pinch of crazy, and a whole lotta frustration and you got the Nuthouse!  Hey all, welcome to our world, our reality, our fuggin daily life!

We have 7 kids, 5 grandkids, 2 Rottweilers, (working 0n 3 if you ask me) full time jobs, and love a good mai tai. We cook as much as we feel like, make dope ass drinks, and love live music. Every party we have ends up in the kitchen with a dancing, spoon singing, with lots of food, and some damn good music, making the BEST MEMORIES. That’s why we will kick ass at our dream. K.P. Acres & Private Events will be the shit everyone is taking about, and want. Wait and see…..

It snowed about 7 inches today, it’s cold as hell, and seasonal mood is trying to kick it’s way in, not gonna happen bitch! Instead we’re looking forward to our first Networking Event in May 2019, and loving the planning process! We have met some pretty awesome business owners, peeps from the Chamber of Commerce, and some really cool locals. We’ve told them our dream of KP Acres and have received nothing but support. Im thinking food and drinks while Jim is envisioning the layout and deco – friggin teamwork!

The barn is a our biggest buzzkill right now. There’s lots of work to be done, cleaning, fixing, yet not much we can do when it’s super shitty weather-wise. Come on Spring!